Facilities at Sandpoint Marina

One of the attractions of Sandpoint Marina is the ability for our highly experienced team of operators to handle a wide range of boats up to 85 ton. Sandpoint Marina is the only boatyard in the area which can offer full lift out and indoor or outdoor storage facilities all year round tailored to individual requirements.

Facilities Include                                                                                                                                                              

  individual workshop units                                   undercover storage   

          Individual Workshop Units                                                                   Undercover Storage                   

         marina                               outside storage

                                  Marina                                                                                   Outside Storage

          18 ton launching/recovery trailer                              85 ton launching/recovery trailer

            18 Ton Launching/Recovery Trailer                                         85 ton Launching/Recovery Trailer

         40 ton travel hoist                               85 ton trailer

                        40 ton Travel Hoist                                                        85 ton Launching/Recovery Trailer

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